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Mission Statement

Our mission and commitment is to excellence… Each of our customers’ needs and desires are different.  We strive to understand and meet the challenges of those needs.  It’s our goal not to become a separate entity of the customers we serve, but to become a part of the very fabric of our customers’ daily operations.

It’s our commitment to excellence that keeps us on the cutting edge of technology in our industry.  This enables us to meet and beat our customers’ budgetary goals, as well as our customers daily expectations. Communication with our customer is critical, when a problem arises it’s our goal to solve it, not to make excuses for it.

Being pro-active is the “key,” we achieve this through a joint effort with our management and quality control team.  This approach keeps us well informed of our customers’ needs and expectations.  Division One requires each employee to be trained on the day to day safety procedures and professional protocol. This includes appearance, attitude and proper background screening.

Division One, has remained proud for many years on one simple goal: "By giving 100% each day and to work harder today than we did the day before".